Super is a savings plan for your retirement

While your super is put aside for the future, it shouldn’t be out of your mind until then. Decisions you make about your super throughout your working life can shape the kind of lifestyle you have when you’re older. Knowing how it all works can give you the best chance of having the retirement of your dreams.

Your employer pays your super

At least 9.5% of your salary goes to super. You can also add extra money to help grow your savings.

Your super stays invested

Your super generates returns throughout your life. Depending on your product, you can choose how some or all your super is invested.

Your super can include insurance

Depending on your account and preferences, you could have death, disability, and income protection cover.

Set your super up to work

Bring your other super over to UniSuper

More than one super account can mean more fees and less super savings for you. So it could make sense to keep your super together.*
It’s easy and you can do it online in minutes.

We have options for every type of investor

We offer pre-mixed options chosen by our experts or you can build your own portfolio. See what's on offer and learn how to find the right option for you.

Protect you and your family through life's most difficult times

Your super may automatically include insurance. You may be able to add it on, or top it up with extra insurance to give you cover that’s tailored to your needs.

Who will get your super if it outlives you?

Save your loved ones time and stress by letting us know who you want to leave your super to.

Fees and costs

We work hard to bring you great super with low fees.

Our fees cover the costs of managing your account and investments.

Get on top of your super

Add more to your super
If you can afford to, putting some extra money into your super now could give you the lifestyle you want in retirement. It’s never too late to start and it’s easy to do.
Changing jobs?
You can stay with UniSuper when you change jobs, even if you leave the higher education sector. You'll just need to provide your new employer with a few details to have your super paid into your UniSuper account.
Manage your super
Get control of your super. Nominate a beneficiary, change your insurance, combine your super from other funds and check if you're eligible to access your super early. 
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