5 things you can do now

So you’ve joined UniSuper, but not sure what to do next? Here are a few things to do now, to get your super sorted.


Access your account online

Keep track of your super and manage your account online.

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    Get your super together

    How many super fund accounts do you have?

    Start thinking about whether there are any advantages to combining your super into one fund. Remember to compare the fees and benefits before you make any decisions.

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    Decide between the Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation 2

    If you join UniSuper as a member of the Defined Benefit Division, you have 24 months to decide if you want to transfer your membership into Accumulation 2. Each product has unique features to help you save for your retirement. Think carefully about your choice before you make a decision.

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    Choose the right investment options

    Choosing the right investment options can have an impact on your super balance. It’s an important decision and one you want to make wisely. Use our investment choice calculator to find the right investment option to fit your lifestage and appetite for risk.

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    Check the insurance you have through your super

    You may have access to death, disablement or income protection insurance cover through your super. Start thinking about whether you need to increase your cover.

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