Accumulation 1

If you're an Accumulation 1 member, you probably receive at least 9.5% Superannuation Guarantee contributions from your employer.

You’re likely to be a casual or contract employee - or you could be a member that has exercised choice of fund, or who previously worked in the university and higher education sector (unless you’ve deferred your benefit).

Accumulation 1 Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

How an Accumulation 1 account works

As its name suggests, Accumulation 1 is an ‘accumulation-style’ account. Find out more about how accumulation super works

Typically your Accumulation 1 account is made up of:

Amounts that are usually deducted from your account include fees, costs, insurance premiums (if they apply to you) and taxes.

Find out more general information about how accumulation super works: Accumulation explained

Your super investment

You can choose how your accumulation super is invested by selecting from our diverse range of investment options. 

See how UniSuper Advice can help

Before you make any decisions, take a look at our How we invest your money booklet for more information.

Growing your super

If you can, putting some extra money into your super can pay off over the long term (see why).

You can top up your Accumulation 1 account with extra voluntary member contributions.

Voluntary member contributions include:

See more on the types of contributions you can make.

There are limits placed on the contributions you can make. These are called contribution caps. If you go over a contribution cap, you will have to pay more tax on those contributions.

Members who don't make an investment choice when joining UniSuper will automatically be invested in our default (Balanced) investment option.

Visit our MySuper dashboard to view details of MySuper, including investment returns, return target and other data.

DBD and Pension members are not able to become part of MySuper. 

Benefits of being an Accumulation 1 member

Benefits of being an Accumulation 1 member include:

See how Accumulation 1 account rates against other funds' products.

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