A word from our CEO - Super Informed March 2021

Super Informed
17 Mar 2021
5 min read

What an incredible year we’ve just experienced. In the history books, we’ll be reading about bushfires, the US election and, of course, COVID 19. But when considering UniSuper during this time, I hope you’ll agree that we can be proud of all that we’ve achieved for you, our members.


Sustainable investments

I’m pleased to report that UniSuper’s Sustainable High Growth option has been awarded best growth product by Money magazine. It’s great to be recognised by Money magazine as its superannuation awards identify the best performing products, best-value products and best value insurance.

With a total of over $10 billion in UniSuper’s sustainable options, we now have the largest pool of sustainable investment assets in Australia. You can hear more about our sustainable investments in our latest podcast with our Chief Investment Officer John Pearce.

Member Outcomes Assessment

Every year, we’re required to assess the performance of our MySuper product.

After thoroughly assessing our Balanced (MySuper) investment option for the year ending 30 June 2020, we can confidently state that it’s promoting the financial interests of our members. And with across the board strengths and excellent results, it is unquestionably one of the top MySuper products in Australia.

This is excellent news and demonstrates that your super is in really good hands. Read more about this assessment.

Modern Slavery

In February, the Board approved UniSuper’s first Modern Slavery Statement. The Modern Slavery Act, which came into effect in January 2019, requires businesses to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains. I’m pleased to advise that we’ve made significant progress identifying the potential risks of modern slavery in our internal operations and supply chains and educating relevant staff about these risks.

We’re deeply committed to upholding human rights across our operations and supply chains. UniSuper supports the Act and believes every person has the right to freedom and to be safe and respected in their day-to-day lives. Our first report will be available from 1 April 2021.

Time for some “me time”

As I sign off for another edition, I want to let you know that, after much reflection, I’ve decided to finish up as Chief Executive and say farewell to UniSuper during 2021.

I’ve thought deeply about such a big decision. After almost 40 years in the workforce, I’m looking forward to stepping back and adding more flexibility to my life, including spending more time with my wife.

I can’t adequately express how honoured I’ve been to be able to lead this wonderful organisation, and I’m very proud of the many successes we’ve achieved in my time here.

Until a successor commences, I remain committed to ensuring that UniSuper continues to provide the best possible retirement outcomes for you, our members.


Thanks for your support.

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Kevin O'Sullivan



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