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28 Oct 2020
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At the core of our position on climate change is our acceptance of the scientific consensus that human activity is a significant contributor to the warming of the planet. Global warming represents a long-term risk to societal wellbeing, economic growth, and by extension, the retirement outcomes of our members.

We aim to be at the forefront of the super industry as we transition to a low carbon world and our climate change position statement outlines the scope of our commitments.

Our climate change commitments

1. Portfolio construction and related activities

We’re aiming to be a carbon-neutral fund by 2050, but we will strive to achieve this over a shorter period whenever practical opportunities arise. We’re currently targeting net zero emissions for the direct property and infrastructure portfolios by 2030. In the medium term, we’re also aiming for our key diversified portfolios (including the default Balanced option and the Defined Benefit pool) to have a carbon footprint lower than the market benchmark.

2. Engagement and collaboration

As a large investor in the Australian share market, we’re in the position to influence the companies we invest in. Our influence is strongest when we’re dealing with companies in our Australian portfolios, managed by our in-house investment team. In these circumstances our ability to vote on company resolutions is reinforced by direct and regular engagement with companies. We’re aiming for 100% of Australian companies held in our actively managed portfolios to have publicly stated Paris-aligned commitments by the end of 2021.

3. Product offerings and member communications

As the fund dedicated to the tertiary education sector, we understand how passionate and concerned many of our members are about climate change. We appreciate that some members do not want any link with fossil fuels, so we offer 7 fossil-fuel-free options for members who choose to invest their super in strategies that avoid companies involved in the production, generation, or transmission of coal, oil, or gas.

4. Managing the carbon footprint of our own operations

We’re targeting for our fund’s operations to be carbon neutral by 30 June 2022. We have embarked on the process to measure, reduce and offset emissions (if necessary) that are generated through the operation and management of our fund.

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Read the climate change position statement

Climate change position statement (PDF, 69 KB)

Climate risk and our investments

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Sustainable and environmental investment options

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