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02 Jun 2022
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End of financial year is almost here. With high inflation, rising interest rates and a new government, it can be difficult to cut through the noise. Fortunately, we have a superb investment team here at UniSuper watching the markets every day.

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To help you stay up to speed on what’s happening in financial markets, we’ve introduced a new monthly investment market podcast series  so you can hear directly from our investment team.

Join our presenters

Lead economist and investment manager David Colosimo, and senior consultant in our marketing team Lyndon Horsburgh talk about:

  • how rising inflation and interest rates are impacting equity and bond markets
  • what we can expect with a change in government
  • the key things we’re watching for as we wrap up FY22.

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How are we managing your super in the current environment?

For more on how we’re managing your super in the current market environment, watch Chief Investment Officer John Pearce’s latest video. And watch out for John’s next video coming out in July.

Meet our podcast hosts

David Colosimo

David is a highly experienced economist and investment manager in our investment team focusing on Australian and global macroeconomic trends and working across a range of portfolios in our fund. He joined our investment team in 2013, and he’s been a UniSuper member since 1999 when he joined while working at the University of Melbourne. 

Lyndon Horsburgh

Lyndon is an award-winning podcast producer and host. He’s a senior consultant in our marketing team and specialises in investment communications. He’s been a UniSuper member since 2014.


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