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Fund of the Year 2019

Family of current UniSuper members, former members and others can join us by opening a Personal Account.

We’re bringing you some of the best value super in Australia through low fees and strong long-term investment returns*. Just one of the reasons we’re SuperRatings Fund of the Year 2019.

Starting work at a university?
Don't complete this application—your employer will set up the right account for you automatically.

Please read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 1.20 MB) before applying.


Who can join?

You no longer have to be working in higher education or research to access our award-winning fund.

As long as you’re living in Australia and are either related to a UniSuper member, a former UniSuper member wanting to re-join, or working in an honorary or affiliate role with a university, you can open a Personal Account and enjoy the benefits of being a UniSuper member.

Why join UniSuper?

When you join UniSuper, you’ll be part of one of Australia’s largest super funds. A UniSuper Personal Account offers accumulation-style super with access to a range of investment options, low fees and extensive member support—including our award-winning advice team.

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2019 Fund of the Year

We're SuperRatings 2019 Fund of the Year, so we really are bringing you some of the best value super in Australia.


Easy to join

It’s quick and easy to apply online. Once you’ve gone through our starting checklist, it should take under 10 minutes.


Low fees

No entry or exit fees. Our fees are amongst the most competitive in our industry.


Investment performance & choice

We have a history of strong long-term investment performance and have regularly achieved returns that exceed industry benchmarks and averages.* You can choose from a range of investment options to suit your preferences.


Your gateway to pensions

Retiring UniSuper members can enjoy the flexibility provided by our Flexi Pension, or a regular income for life offered by our Commercial Rate Indexed Pension (CRIP).

Exclusively for you

We’re proud to be a profit-for-members fund. We don’t pay our advisers commissions, and we don’t pay shareholders dividends.


Insurance options

Protect yourself and your loved ones with insurance cover through your super. Because we insure a lot of members at once, we’re able to negotiate premiums at bulk rates. This can mean cheaper premiums than if you were to take out a policy as an individual.

Your insurance options

When you open a Personal Account, if you’re eligible, you can take out default Death, TPD and Income Protection cover.

Once you’re a member you can apply for more cover or adjust your level and type of cover.

Death and TPD cover can provide financial support if you become terminally ill, permanently disabled or die.

When you open a Personal Account, you may automatically receive default insurance cover, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Default cover means you don’t need to provide health evidence when you apply; subject to eligibility criteria. A five year pre-existing condition (PEC) exclusion applies to this type of cover.

Income Protection helps protect your income if you’re unable to work because you become ill or are injured by providing you with regular monthly payments for a set period of time.

If you’re eligible, you have the option of taking out up to 23 units of default Income Protection cover when you join. A five year pre-existing condition exclusion (PEC) applies to this type of cover.

If you have cover with another fund, you may be able to transfer your insurance across, provided you meet certain conditions. You’ll need to wait until your Personal Account is activated to begin the transfer process.

Your investment options

Choosing your investment options is a big decision and one you want to make wisely. It can have a big impact on your super balance at retirement.

When you join, you’ll have the option to leave it to us and automatically be invested in our default Balanced (MySuper) option. Alternatively you can take control and choose your own option or mix of options. You don’t have to decide straight away, and you can switch options throughout your membership if you need to.

Invite your family

Why not invite your family members to invest in their future and join UniSuper?