Reach your goals

Whether you’re close to retirement age or many years away, it pays to define what you’re aiming for. Here are some basic steps you can follow to help you work out whether you’re on track or whether you need to make some adjustments to achieve your goals.

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    Set your goals

    Setting both short- and long-term lifestyle goals can be a useful exercise, both personally and financially.

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    Are you on track?

    Once you know what your savings goals are, the next step is to consider whether you’re going to reach them.

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    How much will you need?

    Many people think about super as a lump sum to be cashed in and spent at retirement. However it may be more useful to think of retirement savings as a way to provide a long-lasting income in retirement.

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    Ways to maximise your super

    Once you’ve set some goals for what you’d like to do in retirement and worked out an estimated budget, you can look at strategies to maximise your super savings while you’re still working.

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    Our new Retirement adequacy and Pension income calculators can help you work out how much annual income you may have in retirement.

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  • tutorials


    Learn about ways to make the most of your UniSuper membership, both before and after retirement.

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    Want professional help with your finances but don’t know where to start?

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  • seminar


    Seminars to help with your retirement.

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  • tutorials


    Live and on-demand webcasts on a range of superannuation and retirement topics.

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