Make the rest of your life the best of your life

A lot of dreaming and a little planning can help you prepare for life after work. We’re here to help you figure out what you want and how to get it.

Retirement products and fees


Flexi Pension

Pay yourself a regular income from your super. Choose how to invest your money, with the flexibility to change your income payments.


Indexed pensions

Receive a regular monthly income for the rest of your life. Your payments will increase to keep up with inflation, and you won’t need to manage any investments.

Plan your retirement

Plan for the retirement lifestyle you want

What’s your dream retirement? Learn how to make it happen.

See what you can do with your super when you retire

Withdraw it, start an income stream, leave it where it is, or a combination. 

See if you're eligible for the government Age Pension

You may be able to receive the government Age Pension, even if you’re drawing from your super.

Getting retirement ready

Flexi Pension member Dr Carol Williams talks about how she prepared for life after work, what kind of lifestyle she wanted, and how her pension works for her.

Manage your pension

Your pension payments

Learn how pension payments work, how to decide on an annual payment amount and how to change your payment dates.

Make a pension withdrawal
Learn how to make a withdrawal from your Flexi Pension account. Indexed pensions don’t generally allow for lump-sum withdrawals.
Transfer balance cap

A limit applies to the total amount of tax-free super that you can hold in your retirement. Find out how it affects you and your super.

Choose a pension beneficiary

Most of our pension products let you leave your money to a loved one. Learn about the options for your pension.

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