Living a greater retirement

Now that you’re retired, you’ll be receiving an income from your super and fully enjoying the benefits of planning for a greater retirement. If you need to adjust your plan, you can easily manage your super to account for changing circumstances or better align with the cost of living.

Need to talk to a retirement adviser? Our team are here to help you at any stage of your retirement journey and answer the questions you may have. Whether your ideal retirement is at a community village with social activities, or a more modest lifestyle, our retirement advisers can help you budget accordingly.

Manage your retirement income account
Discover how to manage income payments, withdrawals, nominate beneficiaries, tax and more on your Flexi Pension or lifetime income stream.
When your circumstances change
Understanding your options when it comes to aged care, beneficiaries, and more can help you manage any changes that could occur during your retirement.
Government Age Pension and your super
You may be able to receive the government Age Pension, even if you’re drawing from your super. Learn more about the eligibility for the Age Pension, available government concessions, and more.
Living your greatest retirement
Hear some of our members experiences in managing their super in retirement and the things they’ve learnt along the way.
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    Shirley: When you own your own business, you don't tend to plan for retirement.

    Voiceover: UniSuper knows retirement.

    Shirley: We like to travel.

    Peter: We eat out a lot. We like to go out for breakfast, different cafes and restaurants.

    Voiceover: We know that our members are individuals.

    Shirley: My name's Shirley, I'm 68 years old, and this is my husband, Peter.

    Voiceover: Traveling on their own paths.

    Shirley: We met a research laboratory. It was love at first sight. We decided to jump into a business of our own.

    Voiceover: With their own goals and aspirations.

    Shirley: I'd like to think that we could go on a trip every year. We could do some renovations. We're thinking of downsizing and moving to a smaller unit.

    Voiceover: We also know that regardless of who you are and where you're going, retirement planning can feel overwhelming.

    Shirley: We didn't have an exit plan. We didn't know how we were going to retire.

    Voiceover: That's why our members have access to an award-winning team of financial advisers, as well as educational content and calculators for both retirement income and retirement expenditure.

    Peter: We had a meeting with Derek and he was just excellent. He showed us the way, took all the pain out of it. I feel really comfortable with the way it's gone.

    Derek: I started working with Peter and Shirley just over a year ago. They were really looking to make the transition into a less complex retirement.

    Shirley: It's not like we need to take high risks in our investments.

    Derek: It's really important that people give thought to wealth creation. You know, what are they saving? How are they investing? Wealth protection. It's insurance against, you know, death, disablement; your income protection. And the third thing is wealth distribution to ensure that your assets go to the people that you want them to.

    Shirley: I think one of the best things we did to prepare for retirement was we actually worked less days per week.

    Derek: For those wanting to ease into retirement there is something called 'transition to retirement'.

    Shirley: So we started working five days a week and then we went to four, three, and now we're down to two.

    Derek: I think it comes down to people understanding what do they want to do? What is their purpose going to be when they're retired?

    Shirley: I'm surprised how Pete's taken to it, to be honest. I thought he would miss it more than he has. He's actually relaxed more and enjoys not going to work every day.

    Peter: I do miss the contact with people but it's nice not to rush.

    Voiceover: There's no one-size-fits-all for the future. So it's important that you take the time to think about what works for you. And if your plans do change, remember, it's easy to make adjustments to your retirement income as needed. At UniSuper, we know that all journeys start with a single step. Visit and take your first step today.

    Shirley: For us, UniSuper was the best choice. And the result has been very comforting.

    Peter: They did offer to adopt me. It's so lovely hearing that sort of feedback from clients.

    The information contained in this video is of a general nature and doesn't consider your personal circumstances. Before making decisions, consider the relevant PDS and TMD on our website and your circumstances, and whether to seek financial advice.

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Retirement Income Calculator

Our retirement income calculator can help you understand your income in retirement and estimate how long your money might last throughout your retirement. It also considers the government Age Pension.

Managing your retirement

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Our retirement income accounts and fees

Our Flexi Pension and lifetime income streams can be used on their own or in a combination, to provide you with the type and level of income to suit your lifestyle.

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Manage your retirement income account

Everything you need to manage your account including income, withdrawals, and nominating a beneficiary.

Retirement living and aged care

From retirement villages to aged care facilities with on-site health services — everyone’s retirement journey is different.

Explore our tips for choosing a residential community as well extra costs to keep in mind should you require help at home.

Our award-winning advice is here to help

Understand the best way to get the tax-effective income you need in retirement and maximise any Age Pension benefits you may be eligible for by chatting with our award-winning advice service.

We’ve been recognised as one of the best in the business for advice, having won Best Fund: Advice Services1 by external ratings agency Chant West in 2022, 2020, and 2019.

Discover more about living in retirement

The information is of a general nature and doesn't consider your personal circumstances. Before making decisions, you should consider whether the information is appropriate for your circumstances otherwise seek financial advice.

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