Picturing your retirement lifestyle

If you see yourself retiring in the next 10-15 years or so, now is a great time to begin thinking about the retirement you want to live. The longer you have to plan, the less stressful and uncertain your transition to retirement will be.
Steps to plan for your retirement
Follow these clear steps to help you start planning your retirement so you can look forward to the next phase of your life with confidence.
Your income in retirement
Did you know your income in retirement can come from many different sources – not just your super fund savings?
Talk to a retirement adviser
A chat with a retirement adviser can help you plan. If you’re a member, a general chat is part of your membership and comes at no extra cost.

Estimate your super balance at retirement

Use our Retirement Savings Calculator and estimate how much super you could have when you retire. The calculator is a great first step, it’s easy to use and will show you your estimated super balance and income in retirement.
Think great, retire great
Hear from one of our members and discover how they decided it was time to start planning for retirement.
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    Voiceover: For many of us, retirement feels a long way off. But it's easy to be taken by surprise.

    Jean-Francois: I think as I'm approaching 50, I'm conscious that, you know, there's a limited time left to my career, and I'm not exactly sure whether I'm really well prepared.

    Voiceover: With digital tools and calculators, live and on-demand webcasts, and general and comprehensive financial advice, UniSuper has what you need to achieve a greater retirement.

    Jean-Francois: My name is Jean-Francois. I'm 49 years old, came here from Mauritius at the age of 12. I've been working at Monash University now for almost 20 years.

    Voiceover: From your first casual role through to your big promotion.

    Jean-Francois: I started out as a customer service person. Now my job is a lot more to support the academics.

    Voiceover: We have the experience and the understanding to help you move forward.

    Tanu: My name is Tanu and I am a superannuation consultant. Part of the conversation we have with members is just telling them that you have control over this.

    Voiceover: Everyone's retirement is different. But whatever your plans, UniSuper can help you get prepared.

    Jean-Francois: I love singing. I teach music on a part-time basis. I also love going out to theatre, opera, and I love cooking. I would love to continue being able to catch up with friends, doing all the things that I love doing and maintain that lifestyle well into retirement.

    Jean-Francois: I'm really glad to know that UniSuper has a section of the website that deals with all the steps that we need to think about as we retire.

    Voiceover: We strive to help you understand more about what the future holds and to answer any question you might have about how to get there comfortably.

    Jean-Francois: I've had questions about whether the Age Pension has a role to play when I retire, and whether there's a combination that's possible.

    Voiceover: Our website is also the place to get connected to our advice team. They can offer simple, easy-to-follow steps to help you move forward in the right direction.

    Tanu: I think one of the best ways that you can take control is to engage with us. Book an appointment to meet with a superannuation consultant. Set up your online access, have a look. That would be the first step. Consolidation is one of the best things you can do for your super. You don't have to check multiple accounts. You don't have to look through different statements. Additional contributions can go a long way. With superannuation, we're building on compound interest, so small contributions made earlier in your career can really make the difference. Your attitude to investments can vary, so you may find that when you're younger, you want to invest aggressively, but it may be that your risk profile doesn't match that level of risk exposure. We can tailor an investment option that suits your needs.

    Voiceover: For over 40 years, we've been helping our members prepare for the future. If you're ready to start planning, visit unisuper.com.au/retirement and start looking forward to a greater tomorrow.

    Jean-Francois: For anyone who maybe is around my age and has questions about retirement, I would say go to the website, look at all the steps, use the calculators and see how that might apply to them.

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Downsizing your home

Are you thinking about downsizing your family home? If you’re aged 55 or older, you may be able to put money from the sale of your house into superannuation without the usual restrictions.

Our award-winning advice is here to help

Get a head start on planning for your retirement by chatting with our award-winning advice service.

We’ve been recognised as one of the best in the business for advice, having won Best Fund: Advice Services1 by external ratings agency Chant West in 2022, 2020, and 2019.

Discover more about planning for your retirement

The information is of a general nature and doesn't consider your personal circumstances. Before making decisions, you should consider whether the information is appropriate for your circumstances otherwise seek financial advice.

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