Manage your retirement savings, your way

With a Flexi Pension, you can pay yourself a regular income from your super—once you’re retired or while you’re still working. You can choose how to invest your money, with the flexibility to change your income payments.
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Flexible payments that you choose

Choose how much and how often you are paid (subject to minimum and maximum amounts).

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Investment options

Invest your super where you want it. Choose from any of our 16 investment options. 


Lump-sum withdrawals

Have the flexibility to withdraw extra money (subject to some conditions).

How it works

You’ve reached your preservation age, but want to keep working

If you’re under 65, you can create a Flexi Pension as part of a transition to retirement strategy.

  • Boost your super by salary sacrificing some of your income and replace what you’ve sacrificed with income from a Flexi Pension.
  • Or you can reduce your hours as you ease into retirement and supplement your wages with an income from your Flexi Pension.

You’re ready to retire

You can create a Flexi Pension and receive regular income from your super if you’ve reached your preservation age and retired.

You can also start a Flexi Pension if:

  • you’re aged 60 or over and have ended your employment
  • you’re aged 65 or older, regardless of whether you’re still working or retired
  • you have an unrestricted non-preserved component of super (including death benefit income streams).

How to apply


Send us a form

You'll need to return it to us with certified copies of your ID.

The application form is found in the product disclosure statement. Download the Flexi Pension Product Disclosure statement (PDF, 3.1 MB) 


Apply online

Over 60? Apply online and save time.

Defined Benefit Division members or members starting a transition to retirement strategy must use the paper form.

We're here to help


Understand your options

For more information about your retirement income options call us on 1800 331 685.

Learn more at a seminar

Our seminars cover super and pension-related topics to help you make the right choices for retirement.

Get financial advice

For general advice at no extra cost or a personalised retirement plan from a qualified financial adviser, we can help set you up for retirement.
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