What are the benefits of a UniSuper Flexi Pension?

A Flexi Pension allows you to turn your hard-earned superannuation into a regular, cost-effective income stream.

Flexible payment options

Choose how much and how often you’re paid (subject to minimum and maximum amounts).

Low fees

With some of the lowest fees around, we can help your savings go further into your retirement.

Invest your balance

Continue receiving returns on your balance from our range of investment options, including our award-winning options.

What are the different types of Flexi Pension?

Transition to Retirement (TTR) Flexi Pension

This Flexi Pension can be a great option if you have reached your preservation age*, are under age 65 and want to continue working.

This option creates a tax-effective income stream that enables more of your pay to be salary sacrificed to help boost your super.

Retirement Phase Flexi Pension

This Flexi Pension can be a great option if you have turned 65 or have reached your preservation age* and have retired from work.

This option allows you to access your super as an income stream and make lump-sum withdrawals.

*Your preservation age depends on when you were born but ranges from 55-60 years old.

Need help with your retirement journey?

Our retirement advice team are available to answer the questions you may have, over the phone or in-person at a member centre.

  • What is a Beneficiary Income Stream (BIS) Flexi Pension?

    A BIS Flexi Pension allows you to receive an income stream from a death benefit. You can only start a BIS Flexi Pension if you’re entitled to receive a death benefit and you’re the spouse of the deceased.

    By choosing to receive an income stream from a BIS Flexi Pension:

    • you decide how much you want to draw and how often (subject to the minimum amount set by the government),
    • your lump sum can be invested across our range of investment options,
    • you can access additional money whenever you need it, and
    • you have secure online access to your account.

    For more information on the BIS Flexi Pension, read the Flexi Pension product disclosure statement (PDF, 3.1 MB).

Discover more about living in retirement

Make a Flexi Pension withdrawal

Find out how to access extra money when you need it by withdrawing from your Flexi Pension account.

Estimate your income in retirement

Estimated your super balance and within 5 years of retiring? Take a closer look at how much income you may receive throughout your retirement.


Tax and your retirement income account

Most UniSuper income payments are tax-free for everyone aged 60 and over. However, there may be cases where tax applies.

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