What is screenshare?

Screenshare lets you access in-call support from a consultant, while you navigate our website or your online account. Call us to start, then stay on the line while your consultant steps you through the process. Screenshare lets your consultant see what you see and assist you in real-time.

Start screenshare

You’ll need to call us first, so that a member of our team can share a 6-digit ‘Security key’ code with you.

Simply enter the security key in the location shown, then click ‘Share your screen’ to launch screenshare. The consultant will guide you through the experience.

Need assistance? Call us on 1800 331 685, 8.30am to 6.00pm (Melbourne time) Monday to Friday.

Protecting your privacy
Please check your screen and close any personal documents or browser windows that you wish to keep private. By clicking on 'Share your screen' you acknowledge that we will be able to see your screen. Your screenshare session will not be recorded.

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