It’s easy to open a super account with UniSuper

It only takes a few minutes to open a Personal Account with one of Australia’s largest super funds. Whether you’re starting a new job, consolidating multiple super accounts, or looking to join a fund with strong long-term investment performance,* we’ll walk you through the process.1

What you’ll need

To open a personal super account in Australia you only need a few things:

• Australian home address
• Personal email address
• Australian mobile number
• Be age 15 or over

Providing your tax file number (TFN) isn’t compulsory but it may help you avoid a higher tax rate on your super.

How to join UniSuper in three simple steps

Illustration: Step 1.

Get to know our Personal Account

Joining through our website gives you an easy-to manage Personal Account, which you can take from job to job as your stapled super fund.

Before choosing a super fund, it’s a good idea to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) to check the product is right for you.
Illustration: Step 2.

Have your details ready

You’ll need your personal details to open an account. If you want to consolidate your super, it’s a good idea to have the fund details for your existing super at hand as well as your member number.

Providing your TFN is optional, but it makes sure you won’t pay more tax than you need to.
Illustration: Step 3.

Join online

You can open a UniSuper Personal Account using the button below or by clicking the Join button at the top of the page whenever you’re ready.

When you join online, you won’t need to print any forms or upload any documents and the whole process should take no more than 10 minutes.

Build your own super strategy

When opening an account, you can choose to select your own investment options, apply for insurance, or combine super from other accounts. These steps are optional so if you prefer a faster join process, you can come back and do these later by logging in to your online account.

Icon: Person with injured arm.

Apply for insurance (optional)

Having insurance through your super can help reduce the financial impact if something should happen to you. We offer Death, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Income Protection cover through our insurer and premiums are taken from your super. You can apply when you join or skip this step and do it later through your online account.2

Bar chart

Choose your investment options (optional)

If you skip this step, your super will be invested in our Balanced (MySuper) option, which has a record of strong long-term investment performance.* If you prefer to choose your own investment options, you can do so during this step or at any time through your online account.

Icon: Combine

Combine your super (optional)

If you have multiple super accounts, you can consolidate your super during this step to avoid the risk of paying multiple sets of fees. It also means you’ll have a single account, making it easier to track and manage your personal super.3

Why open a super account with UniSuper

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Low fees

We keep fees low. By managing 70% of our investments in-house, we can offer some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Bar chart

Strong long-term performance

We're a top performer with a record of solid long-term performance across a range of investment options.*

Winning trophy

Award-winning value

Our awards include Canstar’s 2024 Outstanding Value Super and 2023 Most Satisfied Customers for Super Funds.

What to do after joining UniSuper

Tell your employer

To make sure your super goes to the right place, you should let your employer know to pay your super into your UniSuper account. You can download a standard choice form if you’re already a member, or view our fund details through the link below.

Download the UniSuper app

Our app makes managing your super simpler. Check your estimated balance, review your investment options, keep up with recent transactions and more. Download it from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Find your lost super

Having all your super in one account could help you avoid extra fees and save you time. If you’ve lost track of your super, we can find your other accounts and combine them into one easy-to-manage UniSuper account.

Nominate beneficiaries

Did you know that if something should happen to you, your super isn’t automatically paid to your beneficiaries? That’s why it’s important to nominate who your super or pension benefits should go to.

How to open a super account FAQs

  • Can I open a super account after 65?
    Anyone can open a super account up to the age of 67, provided they have the right to work in Australia. If you’re aged 67 and over, there are additional rules based on your age and employment situation. For more info, visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website and search for superannuation.
  • Can I open a super account if I’m unemployed?
    You can open and make personal contributions to a super account even if you’re not working.
  • Who can join a super fund?
    Super is an investment for retirement. If you’re over 18 and an employee in Australia, even if you’re self-employed, you can join a super fund and open an account. Generally, this also applies to temporary residents with work rights in Australia. If you’re under 18, you need to work more than 30 hours a week to be eligible.
  • Things you need to know

    *Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Consider the PDS and TMD on our website and your circumstances before making decisions, because we haven’t. Option returns are calculated net of investment expenses and taxes but are gross of account-based fees. The median return data is based on SuperRatings Pty Ltd Fund Crediting Rate Survey January 2023, SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, released 19 January 2024, and without taking into account subsequent revisions.

    1If you’re starting work at a UniSuper eligible employer and join UniSuper, you don’t need to join Personal Account. Your employer will set up an Accumulation 1 account for you automatically.

    2You may apply for insurance after joining Personal Account, however you may need to provide health evidence that satisfies our Insurer.

    3If you have insurance, you need to transfer your insurance to UniSuper before consolidating your balance. Skip this step if you plan on transferring insurance from another fund.

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