After-tax contributions
See how extra contributions from your take-home pay or savings can make a difference over time. It's easy to do with BPAY and you may be able to claim a tax deduction.
Salary sacrifice
You can sacrifice part of your take-home pay and add it to your super instead. You can set this up through your employer, and you may get some tax benefits too.
Spouse contributions
Your partner can top up your UniSuper account at any time by making an after-tax contribution on your behalf.
Government co-contributions
Put some extra money into your super and the government could chip in too.
Low-income super tax offset (LISTO)
Boost your super with up to $500 from the government.
Default member contributions
Get to know how these extra contributions work for Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation 2 members.
Downsizer contributions
Are you thinking about downsizing your family home? You may be able to put money from the sale of your house into superannuation without the usual restrictions.
First Home Super Saver Scheme
Want to use your super to help purchase your first home? Saving through your super instead of the bank means you could save faster.

Learn more about tax and the limits on your super contributions

Find out more about how your extra super contributions can be affected by tax, as well as the caps in place.

How your super is taxed
Your super is taxed in different ways, depending on where the money came from.
Caps on super contributions
There are limits (set by the Government) on how much you can add to your super. Make sure you don’t pay extra tax by understanding how the limits (or caps) work.
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