Find and combine your super

Got super here, there and everywhere? It’s easy to find all your super and bring it together into one account.

Nominate a beneficiary

Save your loved ones time and stress by choosing who you want to leave your super to.

Choose between accumulation super or the DBD

Compare the DBD with accumulation super to help you choose which style of super is right for you.

Changing jobs

You can stay with us when you change jobs. Let your employer know you want your super paid into your UniSuper account.

Access your online account
Managing your super online is secure, easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.
Access your super
Your super is a long-term investment to support you in retirement. In certain circumstances, you may be able to access it earlier.

Manage your investments and insurance cover

Choose your investments
We offer pre-mixed options chosen by our experts or you can build your own portfolio. See what’s on offer and learn how to find the right option for you.
Change your insurance

When you join us, you may receive insurance cover automatically. You can cancel, decrease or apply to increase your cover to suit your needs.

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