How to take us with you

Log in to your account to download your pre-filled super choice fund nomination form to give to your employer. The form has all the details your employer will need, including our Trustee Compliance Letter.

If you'd prefer, you can download a blank form to complete.
Super choice - Fund nomination form (PDF, 81 KB).

If your employer doesn't offer 'choice of fund'

You can still stay with us, even if you can’t choose your super fund in your new job. You can transfer (rollover) the super you receive from your employer’s default fund to your UniSuper account.

The Your super when you leave your job booklet (PDF, 860 KB) includes more information about your options.

Why stay with us?

Staying with UniSuper means you’ll remain a member of one of Australia’s largest super funds.

You'll continue to enjoy access to our range of investment options, strong long-term performance and low fees*. We're here to help with extensive member support, including our award-winning UniSuper Advice team.

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    The information contained in this video is of a general nature only and contains general advice. It’s been prepared without taking into account your individual objective, financial situation or needs. Before making any decision about your super you should consider your personal circumstances, the relevant product disclosure statement for your membership category and whether to consult a qualified financial adviser.

    You can access a copy of the product disclosure statement relevant to your membership category by visiting

    This video has been produced by UniSuper Management Ltd. ABN 91 006 961 799. AFSL No. 235907 on behalf of UniSuper Limited, ABN 54 006 027 121 AFSL No. 492806, the Trustee of UniSuper, ABN 91 385 943 850.

    You can stay with UniSuper when you change jobs, even if you leave the higher-education sector. No matter where your future takes you, you can always rely on us to help build and manage your super.

    With so much to think about when starting a new job, super probably isn't at the top of the list, so it might be easier just to sign up with your new employer's chosen fund. But it's just as easy to give them your UniSuper details so they can pay your super into your UniSuper account. To take UniSuper to your new job, all you have to do is complete our Super Choice - Fund nomination form (PDF, 81KB) and give it to your employer. You'll just need to complete your contact details and provide your UniSuper member number. All the information your employer needs about us is already in the form.

    Keeping your super in one place makes it easier to keep track of your money and you're not paying any extra fees. It also means you'll continue to be with one of Australia's largest super funds and have access to our range of investment options, competitive fees, and extensive member support, including our award-winning UniSuper advice team.

    We're proud to be a profit-for-member fund. Don't pay commissions to advisors and we don't pay dividends to shareholders. Our fees are among the most competitive in our industry. We have a history of strong, long-term investment performance and have regularly achieved returns that exceed industry benchmarks and averages.

    You can also choose from a range of investment options to suit your preferences. Once you've nominated UniSuper with your employer, you might like to check if you have other super accounts floating around or even some lost super. We can help you find it and bring it over to UniSuper. It's free to do and only takes a few minutes. So log into your account now and go to the Combine My Super tool to get started. Before you combine your super, you should check whether your other fund charges exit or withdrawal fees, and if any benefits like insurance will be affected.

    Remember, you can stay with UniSuper as long as you like. No matter where your future takes you, you can always rely on us to help you build and manage your super.

    If you have any questions about how to stay with UniSuper, call us on 1800 331 685 or visit

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If you have any questions on changing jobs, please call 1800 331 685 or contact us.
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