Employer contributions and your super

When you start a new job, you’ll usually provide your super account details to your employer. They’ll then contribute at least 11% of your pay into your super. This is called the super guarantee (SG).

If you don’t provide these details, your employer must check with the ATO to see if one’s linked to you. This linked account is your stapled super account.

How does super stapling work?

If you have a super account, the ATO will automatically staple it to you. This ensures you’re linked to a single super account that follows you when you change jobs. If you have multiple accounts, the ATO will decide which account to staple by considering things like:

  • the balances of your accounts
  • whether an account was previously stapled
  • how recently contributions were made
  • how recently the accounts were created.

Remember, you can take your UniSuper account with if you change jobs, no matter the industry your new job is in.

How could I have multiple super accounts?

If you started a job with a new employer before 1 November 2021 and didn’t nominate a super fund, they may have opened one for you with their default super fund.

When accounts are opened like this over time, fees charged on multiple funds can quickly eat into your total super balance. Super stapling was introduced to prevent this from happening.

Why aren’t my employer contributions going to my UniSuper account?

If you didn’t give your UniSuper account details to your employer, your contributions may be going to a stapled super account you didn’t know about. The ATO may have stapled this account to you after the initiative was introduced in November 2021.

How do I confirm my super’s going to my preferred account?

If you think your super guarantee is being paid incorrectly, consider asking your employer:

  • which fund it’s being paid to
  • how much has been paid
  • the amount of each contribution.

If you don’t want to follow up with your employer directly, you can also report incorrectly paid super contributions to the ATO. They can then investigate the issue on your behalf.

My employer contributions are on my payslip. Why aren’t they in my super account?

Employers are only legally obligated to contribute to your super every three months.^ If you see an amount for super on your payslip, the payments may only be processed once a quarter as a lump sum. To confirm how often contributions are made, consider asking your employer.

If you haven’t received any contributions from your employer in over three months, it’s important to follow up with your employer. You can also report unpaid super contributions to the ATO.

How to set up UniSuper employer contributions

If your super guarantee is being paid to another fund and you want it directed to your UniSuper account, there are two simple ways you can let your employer know you’re with UniSuper.
The UniSuper app
  1. 1. Download the app
  2. 2. Log in with your online account username and password
  3. 3. Scroll to Manage your account
  4. 4. Click Share your fund details
  5. 5. Download the ready to share form

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Your online account
  1. 1. Log in to your account
  2. 2. Download the ready-to-send form
  3. 3. Pass on the form to your employer. They’ll take care of the rest.

Want UniSuper to be your preferred fund?

Other ways you can help grow your super

Consolidate your accounts

We’ve made it easy for you to bring all your super into one account with us. By consolidating your super, you can make it easier to track and also save on fees.

Make voluntary contributions

Depending on your goals, making voluntary super contributions now could help give you the lifestyle you want in retirement. For added flexibility, there are also a few ways you can make them.

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  • Things you need to know
    ^From 1 July 2026, employers will be required to pay their employees’ super at the same time as their salary and wages.
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