Why choosing the right super fund is important
While your superannuation is put aside for the future, it shouldn’t be out of mind. Decisions you make throughout your working life can shape the kind of lifestyle you have when you’re older.

Compare your current super fund

Use this guide to help you compare funds in the market.

Review fees and charges
There are fees and costs associated with running your super account, which can add up over time. Switching super funds by combining multiple super accounts into one account will help keep costs down.
Check your insurance coverage
Even though each super fund’s insurance offering might be similar, things like fees, inclusions, exclusions and eligibility criteria might be different. Consider your circumstances carefully when evaluating your options and seek financial advice if you are unsure.
Explore investment performance
The long-term performance of your super fund can impact the savings you have when you're ready to retire. It’s worth checking your investment option’s net return after fees and costs.
Consider your investment options
Super funds offer different investment options to cater to your specific savings goals. Check how much flexibility you have to manage or switch your investment strategy.
Choosing UniSuper?*

Thinking of switching super funds to UniSuper? You'll join over 615,000# of Australia’s best and brightest who trust us with their retirement savings, enjoying our lower fees, history of strong long-term performance* and excellent service.

# As at 30 June 2023.

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