If your employer has determined that you’re eligible to join our Defined Benefit Division (DBD) or Accumulation 2, you’ll receive generous employer super contributions of up to 17%.

You'll also make 'default member contributions' to your super from your take-home pay. These will start at 7% (after tax) of your salary and you have the option to reduce them.

Before making changes to your default arrangements, read the important information below or make an appointment with one of our super consultants to understand the implications. There’s no additional cost for these appointments.

What you need to do

Step 1 - Learn your product

Whether you’re new to the DBD and Accumulation 2 or returning after a break, read the product disclosure statement to help you understand your product:

Step 2 - Consider your options

We’ll set your membership up with the default arrangements that apply to your member contributions, investments and insurance.

If you’d like to make changes, you can:

Is the Defined Benefit Division for you?

The DBD is designed specifically to serve the higher education and research sector.

It’s generally well suited to you if you’re:

  • intending to pursue a reasonably long career in the sector, and
  • expecting some salary growth arising from promotion or reclassification to higher roles while in the sector.

We recognise that the DBD may not suit everyone, including people anticipating only a short period of employment in the sector and those expecting little or no salary growth arising from promotion or reclassification to higher roles.

That’s why we offer new DBD members the chance to move to accumulation-style super—our Accumulation 2 product.

Prefer Accumulation 2?

Complete the Transferring from the Defined Benefit Division to Accumulation 2 form (PDF, 144 KB) and return it to us.

Returning to the DBD or Accumulation 2?

You may be re-joining the DBD or Accumulation 2 if your employment conditions have changed. If you’re not sure which product applies to you, call us on 1800 331 685.

More information


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