Health check your super with these simple tools 

Here you can combine or compare your super and see the impact of future contributions.
Combine your super

Got super here, there and everywhere?

Multiple super accounts can mean more fees and less savings for you.

Compare me tool

This easy-to-use tool lets you compare your super savings balance with the average member by age and gender. 

Knowing where you stand against other members lets you decide if your account balance needs a top-up. 

Contribution planner

Use this tool to see a breakdown of your estimated superannuation contributions, take home pay and related taxes.

Accumulation 1, Accumulation 2 and Personal Account members only.

Compare us with other super funds

Compare investments, fees, insurance and member services at over 200 other super funds. Use the free AppleCheck tool run by external research firm Chant West.

Retirement and pension tools

Small changes now can make a big difference to your super and personal wealth when you retire. Use these tools at home or with one of our financial advisers.

Retirement adequacy calculator

Will you have enough to retire on? Use this calculator to find out.

Not suitable for Defined Benefit members.


Transition to retirement calculator

Decide the best way forward when you’re moving into retirement with our transition to retirement (TTR) calculator. 

Pension income calculator

Thinking about retiring in the next five years? Project the yearly income for you and your partner's super or pension. 

Investment, insurance and budgeting tools


Investment choice tool

Build your own portfolio with our investment products.

Accumulation 1, Accumulation 2 and Personal Account members only.


Insurance calculator

Our calculator can help you calculate your insurance cover needs, including income protection, life insurance, and total and permanent disablement (TPD).

Budget planner

Get your bank and credit card statements ready so you can start saving or top-up your super.
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