Ever wondered how your super savings compare with other UniSuper members like you? Use this tool to see how your balance compares and learn about some tools and resources that can help you boost your super savings.

Just enter your age, gender, super balance and UniSuper product here.

What does this tool do?

The Compare me tool compares your UniSuper balance with the average UniSuper account balance of other UniSuper members of a similar age, gender and product to you and in relation to the average super balance. The results depicted are illustrative only based on limited inputs provided and average balances derived by UniSuper data and built into the calculator. The Compare me tool average balance data is updated twice per year. The Compare me tool isn’t a retirement projection tool. Results generated from the Compare me tool don’t provide an indication that you’re on track for a comfortable retirement. The information and results the tool provides only take into account certain information you provide in order to provide comparative information and doesn’t consider your personal circumstances, including your current lifestyle expenses, other super accounts, other financial commitments such as debt or other needs and objectives. If you’re in the Defined Benefit Division (DBD), then the Compare me tool may not factor any additional lump sum entitlements you could be entitled to or whether you are eligible to receive a UniSuper Defined Benefit Indexed Pension

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