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Geoff: I'm a rural sociologist. I've been a rural sociologist for about 40 years. I then came to the University of Queensland to become head of school in 2002.

Dimity: I have been a TAFE teacher, worked at universities. Geoff and I are fairly careful planners, and we think about things. But I don't think either of us has a really good financial brain. And I think that just having someone else to think about things for you and give you different perspectives was very, very helpful for us.

Geoff: Superannuation is so complex. I thought I knew a lot, but as soon as we started thinking about the actual details of planning, you realise how complex it was. And I had no idea of some of the options that were put to me.

Dimity: We had some ideas and plans about what we wanted to do in retirement. And we thought that we would have probably enough money to cover those sorts of desires and wants. But meeting our adviser and following that advice has absolutely and completely changed our lives. We are in so much [of a] better position than we could have ever, I think, really dreamt about being in because of what we've now been able to do.

Geoff: Yeah. And the first thing he said was, "Let's have a look at what you're planning over the future." And we want to travel. We're still healthy, and we do like travel. And even though you can calculate that yourself and think, "Oh. Well, I know exactly what's..." By the time you saw it as a flow sheet, you recognise just how careful you have to be if you really want to live that lifestyle, but do so in a way that will take you over time.

Dimity: Geoff went to — and I went, too — to some information sessions. And you learn a lot from the information sessions, but it's nowhere near as important as having someone really look at your particular situation and giving you feedback on how you can best benefit from having someone look at that for you.

Geoff: I've been telling people exactly the same thing that I was told, which is make sure you do get advice from UniSuper because you may be in a position where you could retire earlier than you thought you might.

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