Disclaimer: What you're about to read is of a general nature and doesn't take into account your personal financial situation, needs or objectives. We recommend you seek financial advice before making any decisions about your super and consider the relevant UniSuper product disclosure statement.

Well, the last five years of my working life, I was on a pre-retirement contract from Monash. When I first went on it, wasn't really sure that I felt like retiring in five years time. But as the years pass, as those five years were worked through, I became happier and happier with the concept of leaving behind some of the things that weren't perhaps on the top of my preference list. Some of them like administration, and marking, and things that really start to get you down. So I was beginning to look forward to retiring and that was made easier by the transition to retirement program that I was on with UniSuper.

I heard about UniSuper Advice first from one of those seminars that UniSuper offer on a regular basis and it seemed like a really practical thing for me to seek. I would say to members that haven't had financial advice. So this is certainly something they should put in their back pocket as something they'll need to do in order to be able to control their own lives.

I'm not particularly interested in money. I'm really not. I'm not into the mystery of magic of working the stock markets or anything. So I knew I would need somebody who could help me with my resources and point me in the direction of practical management of those resources. I wanted something that would more or less emulate my working life. I wanted a salary. So that's basically what I was aiming for. And I wanted somebody to just deliver a nice little amount of money into my bank account every fortnight. So it was just as if I was continuing to work, but not actually having to work.

I guess I've established a quality of life over many years and Flexi Pension is allowing me to maintain that quality of life, which has been absolutely wonderful. So I don't have to... Look, I don't live an expensive lifestyle. You know, I do a little bit of travel, I like lovely food, I like particularly nice wine, I, you know, I don't stint on anything, but I don't think I live the high life. That's what it's all about, and it's been a really good experience for me.

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