The type of person we're looking for here at UniSuper is someone who's really passionate about customer service, but also not afraid to be an individual. We really foster an environment that allows people to be themselves because if people are authentic, they're able to make a genuine connection with someone, those people being our members.

We don't just want them to connect with our members, but it's really about them being a great team player as well. So we really value diversity here, whether you're from a different background or from a different culture or from any age on the spectrum, the uniqueness or the difference in your cultural backgrounds and ages, what makes teams unique, and what really drives teams to perform better.

If you're looking for a new career or you're looking at changing your role or you're at the latter end of your career and you want to put your life skills into practice, then this is the place for you to come work. We really want people to be masters of their own career and we do provide some of the best training and support that you can from the contact centre perspective. We want people to come to work and really love and enjoy what they do. We're looking for someone that really enjoys creating a great member experience, and gets off the phone and feels like they've helped that person transition to retirement.

We're all part of a team here that's working towards a common goal and that's helping our members transition to retirement. And I think that's where we make a real difference to their lives.


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