Solutions for every life stage


Starting your working life

Let us take you through a few simple things you should do now so there’s less to worry about in the years ahead.

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    Buying a home

    Aspiring first home buyers can use voluntary super contributions (and any associated earnings) to save for a home under the Government’s First Home Super Saver Scheme.

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    Changing jobs

    You can stay with UniSuper when you change jobs, even if you leave the higher education sector.

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    Coming into money

    If you’re suddenly faced with receiving a large sum of money, there are a several investment or savings options you could consider.

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    Divorce or separation

    When a marriage or relationship breaks down, you may need to think about whether you want to split your super.

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    Loss of a loved one

    If your loved one was a UniSuper member, let us help ease you through this transition and guide you through some issues you may need to consider in regard to their super.

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    Moving countries

    You and your employer have been making contributions to your UniSuper account in Australia, but now you’re probably wondering what will happen to that money if you’re no longer employed in Australia.

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    Redundancy can be a stressful and difficult time for you and those around you.

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    Serious illness

    Let us guide you through some of the issues you may need to consider, particularly in regard to your super.

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    Starting a family

    Having children is an exciting change in your life. Let us take you through how this life stage could affect your super, and what you could do.

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