Changing jobs

You can stay with UniSuper when you change jobs, even if you leave the higher education sector.

How to take us with you

Log in to your account to download your pre-filled super choice fund nomination form to give to your employer. The form has all the details your employer will need, including our Trustee Compliance Letter.

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If you'd prefer, you can download a blank form to complete.
Super Choice - Fund nomination form (PDF, 81 KB).

Why stay with us

No matter where your future takes you, you can rely on us to help you build and manage your super.

Staying with UniSuper means you’ll remain a member of one of Australia’s largest super funds and continue to enjoy access to our range of investment options, low fees and extensive member support—including our award-winning UniSuper Advice team.

Exclusively for you


We're proud to be a profit-for-members fund. We don't pay our advisers commissions, and we don't pay shareholders dividends.

Low fees

low fees

No entry or exit fees. Our fees are amongst the most competitive in our industry.

Investment performance & choice

investment performance and choices

We have a history of strong long-term investment performance and have regularly achieved returns that exceed industry benchmarks and averages*. You can also choose from a range of investment options to suit your preferences.

If your employer doesn't offer 'choice of fund'

You can still stay with us, even if you can’t choose your super fund in your new role. You can transfer (rollover) the super you receive from your employer’s default fund to your UniSuper account.

The Your super when you leave your job booklet (PDF, 2.4 MB) includes more information about your options.

Staying with UniSuper

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We're here to help

If you have questions about how to stay with UniSuper, call us on 1800 331 685 or email us.

* Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.