Our product design approach

At UniSuper, we’re committed to high quality super and retirement income solutions to meet the diverse needs of our members and employers.

With global connections and a strong voice in the Australian super industry, we keep a close eye on the latest trends and developments.


Our product team and design philosophy

Our product design philosophy centres around relevance. We research, assess and anticipate the current and future needs of members and employers—to ensure we continue to provide you with relevant choice.

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    Our super products

    We have four different super products: three which are opened by your employer, and a Personal Account that your family, former UniSuper members and others can join.

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    Our pension products

    When the time comes for you to retire—either partially or completely—we’re here for you too. Our pension products give you a regular flow of income when you transition from paid work.

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    Product and service enhancements

    We research, assess and anticipate your current and future needs to ensure we continue to provide you with the products and services you need—from the start of your career, right through retirement.

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    Policy and advocacy

    We're an active participant in superannuation industry debate, advocating on behalf of our members and employers.

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