Our approach to climate

In 2023, we continued to progress towards our goal of becoming a net zero emissions fund by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement.

UniSuper endorses the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change and we intend to play a part as Australia fulfils its commitment as a signatory. We are targeting net zero emissions at a whole-of-fund and portfolio level by 2050 and we have an interim target to contribute to a 43% reduction in Australia’s emissions by 2030.

Progress towards our climate goals

Climate risk is one of many factors that we consider when making investment decisions.

Each year through our Climate risk and our investments report, we share how we’re managing the risks and opportunities of climate change across our investments.

With over 70% of our assets managed in-house, we’re well placed to engage with boards and management of investee companies. As owners of companies, we exercise our voting rights. Our 2023 report shows the benefits of this approach and details the scale of our engagement.

We expect all companies to go beyond a Paris aligned 2050 commitment, to set ambitious interim targets and to have credible climate management action plans.

In the financial year to 30 June 2023, our environment, social and governance (ESG) team discussed climate and environmental issues in 252 company engagements.

Investing for the future

We’re investing in industries needed for a low carbon economy. Our investments include companies producing the commodities required to support the energy transition—metals and minerals like lithium, cobalt, copper and iron ore—and companies that provide necessary infrastructure and materials.

We also invest in companies that transform these materials into products which enable the energy transition. Two examples are Samsung SDI and Solar Edge which produce batteries for EVs and for renewable energy plants1.

With a dedicated internal team for assessing material ESG factors in our major investment holdings, we continue to monitor and engage with companies.

Find out more about our approach to climate here.

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1Comments on the companies we invest in aren't intended as a recommendation of those companies for inclusion in personal portfolios. Our portfolios have been designed to suit us, and may not be appropriate for others.

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