Meet Dani Murrie, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer

21 Jun 2022
3 min read

We welcomed Dani Murrie in January this year. Dani’s remit brings together employer partnerships, marketing, digital and product to drive growth for the fund. One of her key focus areas is to continue to uplift the partnership with our employers and make it easier to do business with UniSuper

Dani Murrie, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer

Dani joined UniSuper from MetLife, following an extensive career in finance at Colonial First State, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, and First Abu Dhabi Bank in the United Arab Emirates.

Q&As with Dani Murrie

You’re at a BBQ and someone asks what you do. What do you tell them?

I work at UniSuper, one of Australia’s leading superannuation funds. It’s an exciting time for UniSuper as we’ve recently opened our fund to all Australians, and we’re now competing in the open marketplace. I’m responsible for our marketing, employer partnerships, digital and product people, their great work and our future growth plans and strategy.

How long have you been at UniSuper and what is the path that led you here?

Commencing during the middle of January this year, my path to this role is one of both national and international wealth, superannuation, advice and banking experiences across marketing, product, customer segmentation, sales, and digital transformation roles. I feel like my entire 30-year career has been me practising for this role! The breadth that this role offers is tremendous and leverages my diverse background and skills.

What are your early observations around how we work with our employer partners? Have you identified any opportunities for enhancement?

My early observations are that we provide very high servicing levels for our employer partners and are very keen to listen, understand and resolve any superannuation matters. The most recent satisfaction scores for both our Employer Partnership Managers (9.1/10) and Employer Services Consultants (9.4/10) are exceptional. They’re a strong testament to the importance we place on delivering high levels of service, as measured by our subject matter knowledge, responsiveness to queries, availability, level of care, ease, and professionalism.

A key area of opportunity is to simplify administration, systems and processes by questioning the status quo about why we do what we do today.

The super industry went through immense regulatory change last year, affecting both us and our employers. We also opened our doors to all Australians, which meant more change. Can you share with us some of your experiences of dealing with change? What benefits can you see that have come from the changes we’ve all recently been through?

My experiences in dealing with change are wide-ranging, from introducing new digital products, customer onboarding processes and identity services to banking customers, through to working in different cultural contexts in the Middle East, launching new payment products like chip-enabled credit and debit cards, through to operationalising digital transformation within businesses and new ways of working, such as agile trains.

The key for me in any of these change situations is to communicate clearly and transparently the ‘why’ we’re doing what we’re doing, i.e., assume nothing and be prepared to answer questions and repeat the same thing over and over (staying the course).

One of my general rules of thumb is that it’s not until you’re sick to the back teeth of saying something, that people are hearing it and understanding it for the first time.

The benefits I see that have come from the changes we’ve all recently been through are that we can adopt new ways of working very swiftly and we can pull together to solve any short-term hiccups, for the benefit of our members.

What are you working on right now, and what are your longer-term priorities?

Right now, I’m focused on delivering our current plans and activities. In particular:

  • Building our brand awareness in the marketplace with our target audience to attract and retain new and existing UniSuper members.
  • Understanding our employers’ needs and challenges to see how we can make it easier for them to do business with us.
  • Overseeing the development of our new digital app.
  • Ensuring we’re compliant with the Retirement Income Covenant due on 1 July 2022.

Over the longer term, my five priorities are:

  1. Supporting our employers through the challenges they’re facing, following the introduction of Your Future, Your Super in November 2021.
  2. Winning in a choice environment and articulating what this means for each of our UniSuper member segments and related organic growth engines.
  3. Designing what ‘being a leader’ in retirement looks like, so that every UniSuper member can take comfort in seeing a future worth retiring for.
  4. Being known as an ESG leader through great standout content and promotions.
  5. Creating the best place to work within superannuation for my team so that they feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work and having some fun along the way!
Many of our members are passionate about Environmental, Social and Governance issues. Can you tell us a bit about UniSuper’s plans in this space over the coming months/years?

Currently, I’m actively recruiting a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager to join my leadership team. This role will be pivotal in influencing, shaping, and reinforcing our vision to be a responsible corporate citizen.

They will develop the frameworks that both reflect and drive clarity of the activities, policies and processes which promote positive outcomes for our people, our members, and the communities in which we operate.

They will own the delivery and evolution of our social impact strategy, including influencing and engaging stakeholders and employees across the business to bring it to life.

Finally, the role will establish a clear understanding of current Environmental, Social and Governance efforts to deliver a comprehensive baseline view of our current state of play and translate these into a meaningful program of work which can then be used to promote the value and introduce relevant future initiatives.

What are your greatest passions (either within or outside of work)?

I’m an incredibly curious person, so, inside work, I’m passionate about making things better than when I first saw it.

Outside of work, I love holidaying and relaxing with my family, particularly in a warm sunny setting, as well as exercising and generally keeping fit and healthy.

If you had to nominate the thing that you’re most excited about in joining UniSuper, what would it be?

Apart from the breadth of my role, the thing I’m most excited about is promoting and amplifying UniSuper’s excellent long-term returns, great value for members and outstanding services.

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